I have been trying to identify this cursed rash for years and your website I believe has finally helped. I prepared fresh chicken soup yesterday using raw chicken and fresh vegetables, however I added three packets of Campbell’s soup to enhance the flavour. Within 30 mins I had the type of reaction shown in the photo attached. Surprise, surprise when I looked at what the packet contained it had 635 and 621 additives. I looked them up on your website and sure enough the symptoms matched. Interestingly the web site mentions that the body’s reaction is not like a real allergy and that bears out from the blood test I had which showed during my reaction the IGE antibody concentration in my blood was within its normal range. This had the doctors scratching their heads.

I have worked away for many years and get reactions generally away from home. This was because I was eating at restaurants and had no control over what went into my food. You can use these photos of me as an example of the chronic reactions you can get to these additives. This was a great web site after having gone to many doctors who were clueless. Some of these reactions can be quite dangerous and worrying when you don’t know what causes it. Now I think at long last I am on it – David from WA.

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