I found it hard to start too because I went against everything I thought was "healthy" and my first fs food shop was mainly white and seemed so odd to me, but after 2 weeks of the strict elimination diet and the results are incredible xxx - Deborah

Failsafe isn't about eating healthy, it's about avoiding food chemicals that you have a low tolerance for - or a diagnostic tool of avoidance in order to identify those food chemicals. Completely different thing. You then decide how to eat healthy within those limits (and, yes, it is absolutely possible to do that) - Tracy Gaze

I found the same thing when we started (we are on about week 9 now); it's a mind shift, but the results are absolutely worth it. I am very health conscious and we are able to eat healthily within those limits easily, although I'm so looking forward to being able to expand the range of veggies, even if it's only by a few varieties!! Good luck - it's an amazing journey and I've seen tremendous benefits for myself as well, although it never crossed my mind before this that I could be food intolerant - I was just doing it strictly with my boys to support them! You just never know how many beneficial spin-off's it'll have - Senta