My son has just been diagnosed with Aspergers. Just wondering if anyone has tried fs or other options for Aspergers such as pres and add free? - Kelee

Not Aspergers/FS as such but I worked with a little boy (5) who has autism and when on a FS diet he was back to all normal development until he had something not on the diet...and then he would literally be in the corner of the room banging his head on a wall and no speech at all - Tallara

My ex-husband had/has Aspergers and when I was able to limit those foods which i knew had negative effect he was a lot more emotionally and socially connected - however as an adult who refused to acknowledge the diagnosis or that FS can work he would often eat foods he was 'addicted to' (bread with 282 was his major addiction).... I honestly believe that if he reduced those foods he was able to cope a lot better – facebook member

Yes my daughter is off completely artificial chemical free, a few natural chemicals she has reacted to I have eliminated.  Nearly completely dairy free and now I'm going gluten free.  She has recently been diagnosed with Asperger's and although this is not a cure it has made amazing changes in her behaviour for the most part. Gluten apparently affects their speech and such and most cannot tolerate dairy - Haylee

Yup we are additive free, I have also found that foods such as bananas can effect his behavior. The kids themselves hate the diet! Esp if they have food aversions. It takes a good week of horrible to see the effects - Carolyn

My autistic boys have several food sensitivities. Fruit, dried fruit, salami/cured meat, 160B is a HUGE one. I avoid MSG(natural ones too). I limit the amount of bread and milk they have- Tess

My aspie son went from sitting under his desk chewing his shirt all day at school (we were told that he'd never pick up a pencil) to an A grade student thanks to fs diet / gluten and dairy free. Best thing we ever did for him - Kim

Went pres, additive, colour free, 99% failsafe, autism tendencies disappeared. Also switched to A2 milk (if can tolerate dairy)-  Kath
I did for my daughter many years ago. It worked - Margo

My son has Aspergers and is on a gluten and dairy free diet and that has helped but the biggest surprise was removing anything red - tomatoes, apples etc - Different child completely without the red. And when I say dairy free I mean all milk products are goat milk products - this diet has helped him majorly with focus and attitude in all areas - Anna

We went Full elimination for my HF Autistic 12 year old son 12 months ago and had amazing results. Teachers could not believe the difference. I only wish we had known about Failsafe when he was younger - Michelle

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