Want to share - thanks to Failsafe strict elimination diet then ongoing challenges since Nov 2012 (dietitians free rural FNQmedicarelocalcare): no migraine, less anxious, less mood swings, decluttered life and home, learning how to be organised, meditate regularly = makeover. :) – Robin Qld

Just wanted to say, I am having AMAZING results with my 5 year old son!! He has gone from what I would describe as "difficult to handle at times" is now "a delightful child". It is nothing short of a miracle. Thank you so much, it brings tears to my eyes : ). Just wanted to add, school was talking about possibly expelling him about 6 weeks ago. Now he is getting good behaviour certificates! - Nadyne

Thank you for all the effort put into helping others.  I greatly appreciate what you all do, and it has changed my life and my family's life – Nicole

Was joking with my husband about feeling like a 1950’s housewife having to make everything from scratch and not having access to ‘convenience’ foods, I think he quite likes that concept…! - by email, Tas

Fantastic website, have just discovered it & can't stop telling people about it – Michelle

Sue's book has been really helpful with our 2.5 year old boy. He was developing a stutter and drawn out speech impediment, but since we have changed his diet, it seems to have rectified the situation. It is alarming to learn that this was caused by foods - Ryan by email

A comment on the excellent Failsafe community...have had lovely offer from a local lady to supply very fresh eggs for my sons baked egg challenge as well as cook us some failsafe meals when baby no. 3 arrives, and another local lady more than happy to accommodate our requests for a failsafe box of fruit and veg during her co-op market run -- Amelia by email

After 10 days of withdrawal symptoms, our son stopped his 3 years of rage and  ceased his incontinence, night pains and violence. A neighbour saw him sitting still and eating dinner and was so surprised by the calm picture that she asked if we had started training him. Ha ha...gotta love disinhibited neighbours. So thank you to you and Sue. Many many thanks – Elizabeth