Started my daughter on FS on Wed and I think there are changes already but am I imagining it if it's only been 3 days? So many of the symptoms in Fed-up book are her (low muscle tone, speech/gross/fine motor delay, insomnia...) so am feeling very hopeful right now! - Christie

In our experience, the results were nearly instant. By day 2 half of DD3's symptoms had gone. We thought it was all in our heads... but now 4 wks down the road she just keeps getting better! Good luck:-) - Susie

Mine were the same for the first 4-5 days & then withdrawal symptoms kicked in, especially the sleep issues... We're on day 12, so hoping it is going to get better again soon. Good luck! P.S. speech concerns are getting continuously better! – Di

We saw results in two days. Still have steps backwards but all boys behaviour is so greatly improved we will never look back - Megsie

We saw results straight away as well we also see them immediately if he has something he is not meant to or if he goes into over load ... Good Luck - Olivia

When I took my son off gluten I noticed big improvement starting only 2-3 days later - Ginny

Lots of people see changes quickly. Withdrawals can sometimes kick in and you may start to think you got it wrong, but they do go to - Susan.

See withdrawals factsheet