I am a food technologist and I am unhappy about the way food technology is going: I have sat in technical meetings discussing what to call the MSG that we want to put in a product  – Fedup Roadshow 2012

That's the thing about failsafe - as overwhelming as it all seems, you are not just bumbling around in the dark. There is a specific procedure, which will give you a lot of answers - Susanne

My son is doing wonderfully behavior wise too. It amazes me how he has progressed in the three weeks. With Halloween, we decided to let him have a small piece of chocolate and immediately he regressed to where he had been. Now we know...no deviations, especially with regard to preservatives/flavors. That was a wake up call - Meghan

I found Failsafe after 18 mths researching. Couldn't believe it was something I was eating as my diet hadn't changed & I was in my 40s & had always eaten a "good" diet. All the medication can only hold it at bay, failsafe allowed me to find a cure, for which I am so grateful. I followed a tiny thumbnail pic of a girl's face & thought "her rash looks like mine" and it was a blog about Ribo Rash! - Kate

I went to Sue's Fedup Roadshow looking at behaviour kids for my son. She was showing some photos and one was the rash ... "Lightbulb" that's my rash!  - Brianna

Just realised my 3 year old has stopped stuttering since starting fs nearly 7 weeks ago! Another tick in the box for the one kid we thought didn't have a problem - Kylie.