So I have now cut out all artificial flavors/colours/preservatives, changed milk to A2 - but he doesn't really have a lot only in mashed potato etc, Bread to Brumbys, restricting fruit to mainly pears with the odd piece of other fruit, and we already used Nuttalex etc for about 2 weeks now and I must say although we are not on the Strict Elimination - WOW what a difference!!!! I'm really impressed!! There has been a huge change in behavior and his sleep patterns and he is managing on his own without any medication to help him sleep. I truly do hope this continues. I even had my mother mention last night that it was a very peaceful night and how lovely it was, so it's not just my imagination.

Oh and a big one I forgot to mention is that my son’s tutor called me into talk with her and mentioned how happy she has been with his progress over the past 2 weeks and have I been doing extra work with him at home. I don't think that I have, I just seem to think that he is taking it all in better! *Happy Dance* It's just so so lovely to see him this way – Mandy from facebook group