This is just a post to encourage those parents who are persevering with Failsafe eating for their children to try and help them.. here are pictures of my 7yo son’s homework.. one week apart.. one week he was Failsafe, the next week.. Not so much. I don't think I need to point out which is which..This is just one reason why we choose Failsafe. Anything that helps him is well worth the effort - Susan


That looks like my writing before and after lunch when I was at school - Ruth

Looks so much like my daughter. Every day is different. It also happens when reading and differentiating letters and sounds. Some days she smashes through a book in 5 minutes some days it takes 45 minutes!! Great job mum with persevering with your son - Shay

We see a big difference in handwriting too when he has eaten something he shouldn't have - Leanne

I was stunned many years ago now when my very clever daughter lost the ability to read while reacting to an off-diet food. She still knew the words, but couldn't hold them in working memory long enough to follow a sentence - Tracy

10 yrs later, I still have the first picture my son did when he was off preservatives etc - all neatly coloured in keeping in the lines - something he could never do before that - Kye

I was almost in tears of joy today. We have had speech difficulties with my Miss 4 - did not speak till 3 and would always shut down in attempted speech therapy. Today in our first session back for the year (and in a break from challenges) she spoke directly to the therapist and said every word as asked. Ok, so they were wrongly pronounced, but the fact that she SPOKE in a session was INCREDIBLE. Yeah for progress! And yeah to all you brilliant mums (took me way too long to come around! Just could never believe it would make such a difference) - Jane

Wow! In the first week of year 1 this year, our daughter's teacher asked us how to get her to complete tasks faster. After that first week of reducing sals, colours & preservatives, the teacher put a note in the diary saying Miss 5 was finishing all her work on time! Amazing what influence food has - Suzie

I have the same photos for my 7 yr old! It is so worth the effort!!! His confidence is amazing and learning has gone ahead in leaps and bounds. Big hugs Susan! It makes me beam when sharing my son’s progress! - Laura

Amazing the difference isn't it? I can't do fs with no sals for my girl as father does not believe. Managed a month and the change was amazing - Claire

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