Just had another clash with so-called 'safe' medications. I asked the pharmacist to send me a cough suppressant, and discussed with her (again) my chemical/food reactivity. She sent me Duro-Tuss Forte, which, trusting soul that I am, I began to use. That night the coughing got worse and worse, to the point of being on the brink of vomiting. Next day, coughing was a little less racking and throat-scouring. Then, last night Printzmetal's Angina woke me - really bad pain, and the trigger for me is salicylates! ... Now, I thought the chemist had checked the ingredients. It turns out that she did not know anything about 'sunset yellow' colouring  (artificial colour 110) ..."-  Jennifer by email

Sue's comment: Most pharmacists do not fully understand food/chemical sensitivity. As well as  saying you want to avoid salicylates, it is important to spell out everything you don't want in your medication. See the list of 50 additives to avoid here http://fedup.com.au/images/stories/nastyadditive%20page.pdf .  It is appalling that lax TGA regulations mean artificial colours do not have to be listed on pharmaceutical labels. Wondering how this could possibly happen? The industry puts profits ahead of patient safety and regulators who were originally supposed to protect patient safety are subject to so-called regulatory capture in which people who work for regulators receive "incentives", toe the company line, or are afraid for their jobs, see Gotzsche blog