I'm going to bed tonight so happy with my heart full of hope. My husband and I have been talking all evening about how different our 3 year old is since beginning the diet. How 'easy' she's been. (Sigh) 'This' is what parenting should be like. I'm so thrilled my husband can see it too. He works long hours during the week and so he hasn't really seen her enough to be able to notice the dramatic change in her. But this afternoon he said to me 'I agree with you. She's different... But now we've just go to figure out what it is that sets her off.'

I feel dreadful though that we've had about 2.5 years of challenging behaviour and I feel even worse for my poor daughter who clearly couldn't help her behaviour. I wish I'd done this 18 months ago but foolishly I was too sceptical and did not believe that food would make such a difference to our lives! Now to book an appointment with our dietitian to begin discussing the challenges.

It's very emotional. I'm seeing my daughter with new eyes and I'm falling in love with her more each day. I thought she was just destined to be a difficult child...- Beth

Comments by failsafers:

Hey you're doing bloody good to have worked it out by 3. I 'knew' but didn't accept it (sals meltdowns for her are 2-3 days after food then 2 more days to get face rash!) took til she was 5 before we actually stopped sals and found a different child! Well done!  - S

That's what we were like 9 years ago! It was like we got a new son. Just plain old lactose for us. That's all it was. Ours was easy!!! But it made monumental changes to our lives - Kerry-Anne

It's been almost 5 years since we changed our son's diet and still, when reading posts like this, I get very emotional cause it brings back so many memories! I'm so happy for your little family! Life is good! - Carley

To make it easier for us ( going back 6 years now) we put it down to ' today's food is not for our child, so if you couldn't eat it 100 years ago we don't feed them it' it just makes it easier. Make everything from scratch, meal plan, cook and make snacks ahead of the week. It makes kids appreciate food so much better when they help prepare and make it, so get them in the kitchen even just watching is good - Kristie

Well done. So happy for you. My story is exactly the same as yours. I said exactly the same thing when our daughter was also 3 after we had just changed her diet. My hubby was at work a lot too and didn’t see half the behavioural problems that I did. At first the thought I was nuts suggesting that food was the issue, then he apologised to me two weeks later when we had a different child. It is tough though as at first you kinda think that perhaps they are a very spirited child, it’s their age, then you think 'No, something is very wrong here'. Two years later and our daughter had just started school and her teacher comments often on what a lovely child she is, how well behaved and such a good listener. Makes my heart sing. Keep up the good work - Jan

My kids 11 & 13 choose not to eat the foods offered as they know the awful feelings and results. They prefer not to feel that way. They'd much rather eat the "safe" foods we eat in our family - Tanya

To meet our little people for the first time - the beautiful personality he had as a baby and the beautiful boy I know he is deep down. (Just under a layer of fruit!) - L

Exact same boat. We started our almost 4 year old a month ago. Went through strict elimination ...saw massive changes more in fact she was happy, no dark circles under her eyes, wanting to talk every afternoon about her day, no crying every half an hour and listening going to bed without arguments and tears. So it was great to see the changes...and last week started the first challenges. Oh my god. Massive reaction...so just back to baseline again - Steph

And the last word from Beth again:

I waited so long because everyone kept telling me 'oh she'll grow out of it' or 'she's fine' but last year she flipped out at her friend’s house for no reason (I later found out she had eaten something with honey in it). I had to leave the play date and I cried no I sobbed and screamed the whole way home (and so did my daughter) and I rang my mum and I cried and cried and asked her 'what is wrong with her!!!??' That was when I booked an appointment with a paediatrician. And then when we saw the reaction to the Cheezels (no other child was affected) we said 'yes!! She just cannot handle some foods. Let's do this diet!!' We owed it to her. I didn't want her getting to age 13 and feeling so out of control.