I have suffered from acne rosacea for the past 5 years and from symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis for the past several months (I am 32).

In a desperate attempt to improve things, I have been gluten and dairy free for the past 2 months and have eaten nothing but vegetables for the past 2 weeks, but I have yet to see my symptoms resolve, although my acne certainly improved after removing dairy products from my diet. I suspect I may salicylate intolerant after coming across your website today, as many of my rosacea triggers seem to be high salicylate foods.

Update: Three days ago, I commenced a diet of red lentils, brussel sprouts and cabbage and have been able to stop taking my rosacea medication for the first time in the 5 years since my diagnosis. I am also free of joint pain!

Update on day 6 of low salicylates: I have a little stiffness in one of my finger joints today but still no rosacea flushes, and that's totally astonishing to me after so many years on medication. With the exception of one very good dermatologist in Sydney, I've rarely met anyone who knows more about rosacea than I do (GPs included!) and I have tried almost every known medication and procedure for it over the past 5 years. That the answer might be as simple as eliminating sals (and vasodilators, of course - alcohol in drinks and products, caffeine, certain medications and the theobromine in chocolate have always been my worst triggers) is a revelation! Eliminating dairy cured my hormonal acne but rosacea is another issue entirely.

I am very impressed with my results thus far and most grateful for your website. If it wasn't for that, I would never have tried this. I made an appointment with one of your listed dietitians so I can begin putting together a healthier diet for myself under her supervision. The appointment went well. She believes I may be on the right track in my avoidance of salicylates and has put me on the strictest form of the RPAH Elimination Diet for the next fortnight, and then I will be reviewed.

I will let you know how I go with the challenges. You can't begin to imagine how it will change my life if these good effects continue. Normally, without medication, I am unable to brush my teeth, take hot showers, have a hot drink, eat hot food, sit in a hot car or room, lie on my side on my pillow, exercise or face stressful situations without a painful, burning, deep red facial flush developing. I had forgotten, until now, what it feels like to just be normal!

Thank you for putting together such a comprehensive online resource. It appears it may be my way out of a lifetime of potentially harmful prescription medications. - Amy, Qld