My 5 year old son has been in a lot of trouble at school. He started prep at 4.5 and just turned 5 in May. I know he is young for school but last term he was at the vice principal's office every second day. The last week of last term he actually threw a pair of scissors at another child. It us as though he can't control those outbursts. We started on the school holidays. He has been back at school for a week now this term and he has not been to the office once. I'd like to hope diet is working...I think it is! - Chantal

Great work and know how you feel re behaviour. My son is 13 with very similar behaviours and 1 week in a lot calmer and no prob at school that I know of - Carolyn

We are starting week 2 and I can't believe the difference in my boys - Felicity

Watch out for the legions of teachers and principals who will insist food makes no difference! It's been clear to me for years it makes a huge difference for my boys (not to mention hubby and I) yet the school insists he should take the same as everyone else. Very frustrating - Kylie

Can I just say that I am one of the 'legions' of principals that actually recommend this diet ALL the time. I truly believe it makes such a difference for kids’ ability to focus, to persevere without too much frustration and emotional outbursts. It is actually frustrating that parents see medication as a first option or deny that food has an impact on the child at school. I often get "nah, I have seen no difference in my child’s behaviour". Food has such an impact on kids, I am amazed that so many parents won't do it, it seems too hard or that they simply don't believe it - Jen

My miss5 was in learning support class last year. I had a meeting with the learning support teacher and before our meeting miss5 was given Cheezels and couldn't concentrate on her test. I mentioned it to the LST but she brushed the comment off - Corina
My son has been on the diet since year 1 and he is now in year 12 and is the best thing we could have done for him - Charlotte

I am a teacher who regularly suggests to parents who are thinking of going down the ADHD lane that they might like to look at food and maybe keep a food diary. They all tell me their kids don't eat junk, forgetting of course I see their children's lunchboxes! I explain to them about natural food chemicals as well as additives and preservatives. I share our experiences of being about to make psych appointments for our then 8 year old for ODD. We had been dabbling with fedup for some years and happened upon Sue Dengate's web page suggesting we removed tomatoes from our diet. We did and within days I was no longer being hit and sworn at and the screaming and door pounding had stopped, none of these have returned in five years. I now recommend fedup to as many people who will listen. We have gone beyond dabbling now and are about to do our first challenge. We have had a week without blood noses, constant loud voices, outbursts, not being able to sit still etc etc etc. Went away with friends on the weekend and they were amazed at the change - Penelope

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