We have been on the RPAH diet for almost 4 weeks now. Today grandma took the toddler to playgroup where he shared a plate of strawberries, grapes, rockmelon and tiny teddies. He has been crying for about 5 hours but won't tell me why. I just never imagined fruit could cause this..(have checked the usual temp, teeth etc) - Adele

My son never slept and spent all day every day in tears until I found failsafe now he goes off to sleep by himself and sleeps all night and for 2 hours during the day. He is also very content within himself, fussiness has stopped and he is open to trying new foods!! - Rose

Since going failsafe and eating very carefully within the RPAH Moderate and Low Salicylate foods I have been well whereas last year I was suffering chest infection after chest infection and in all I had 8 courses of antibiotics in one year - Charlotte