I just want to give all you Mums & Dads a massive pat on the back. I know it can't be easy to be told so called 'good foods' are not good for your child.

I grew up as the drama queen, I cried, I hit, I slammed doors, I fought anyone for any reason. I used to accuse my Mum of poisoning me because vegies especially new potatoes tasted like poison or soap. I was a nightmare child.

Then I went to boarding school, I was a pleasure to have in class, I was calm and focused, I was polite. I never fought, I don't think I ever slammed a door. Why? Because I stopped eating what tasted bad to me. My Mum wasn't putting meat spuds & vegie on my plate telling me I wasn't leaving the table until I ate it. I didn't have to have daily fruit.

Then I'd come home for holidays, I'd slam doors again. I'd fight with everyone. The nightmare was back.

I stumbled through my youth, I slowly kind of figured out salicylates were my issue, I had mouth ulcers, tightened lips and itchy mouth from some fruits, I constantly had sores on the sides of my mouth. I just didn't understand exactly what they were in. I had a few anaphylaxis episodes and finally, luckily, came across Sue’s website.

I speed read it and then asked my brother what he thought. He read it twice then came over to me with tears in his eyes and apologised. It wasn't that I was a horrid person. Then my Mum read it, oh my goodness, the guilt and pain she felt and still feels isn't fair. But at least this child who used to scream 'I HATE YOU' who was so cruel, I made sense.

Best of all, I feel good now. I'm not a horrid little bitch. I can like myself. I feel all my family are more relaxed around me now. There's no waiting for my next major meltdown.

You are all doing something amazing for your kids. Your kids will one day thank you for it, trust me. On the days it feels tough and your kid wants something you know they shouldn't have just remember me and how much I wish we'd found all of this stuff when I was a kid. Not a 30 year old who ended up in hospital from eating cherries!

Good on you Mums & Dads, you are doing something amazing. They'll thank you one day, I promise - Vanessa.