Just a quick progress update... 12 weeks ago we started the Failsafe diet strictly together as a family and originally to sort out my 7yr old DS's behaviour. Along the way we failed a few times. At one point he had an infection and required Keflex syrup - the disgusting bubblegum flavored and brightly colored pink one. That week was the worst week we've had with him probably ever!! After 10 doses and talking him down from the roof and visiting the school a few times for dangerous classroom behaviour it finally clicked to me (I know... Duh! How silly am I) that it could be the medicine and I took it off him and things went back to 'normal' - generally well behaved, not as easily angered to melting point and not too oppositional. I'm happy to report that having gone through this process we've discovered that he can't handle preservatives, not many colors and dairy. His asthma and hayfever are virtually nonexistent where usually we'd be dosing him morning and evening with anti-histamines. I'm a happy mum with a more manageable crew at home. Even my husband's and my own hayfever, which are usually wicked at this time of year from Aug- Dec, have not been apparent and we have not taken any oral antihistamines. Only some eye drops after being in the paddock.

For those of you struggling to make a decision when to begin the diet or have just begun - I applaud and encourage you! You're doing wonderful things for yourself and your children!! Just get your food, pack your old pantry food away and get started.

My tips:

Do it together as a family - it will be accepted more readily by the kids that way.
Find a good butcher first!!
Don't expect miracles!! Look for subtle health and behaviour changes in your whole family.
Remember this is two fold - not only are you going through elimination but you're also detoxing yourselves and moving towards healing your guts that may have been under attack for some time by processed foods.

There is no better feeling than feeding your kids the best foods that you have available to you.

I've been feeling bad about the social pressure aspect and missing out on things... But the kids haven't noticed and I've found out since that others are actually inspired by what they've seen us do within our family.

To finish up we now eat preservative, color free without processed foods. My DD 5 year old now claims to like lettuce!! Am I overwhelmed with the behavioral changes it brought about in my son?? No, not really! But he's a helluva lot easier to live with now than before! He helps out more and is generally happier! Has the diet eliminated his tendency to be defiant and oppositional? No, but now I can talk to him calmly without it resulting in attempted roof jumps!!

So, all the best with the diet! We're so glad we've done it together! It's worth doing for all the small and large health and behavioral reasons!!! Go you!!! - Sarah