I am 63 years old and just realized that I am sensitive to Salicylate in foods.  I ate two tablespoons of Organic Chia Seeds ground and put it in my smoothie.  Thirty minutes later I thought my head was going to explode with eye and ear pains and extreme ear ringing. - Gail

Sue's comment: Although chia seeds have not been tested by RPAH for salicylates, chia is a member of the mint family which is very high in sals. People who are sensitive to sals have reported reactions to chia seeds to us. Ringing in the ears is widely recognised by doctors as a typical reaction to salicylates in drugs such as aspirin, though less widely recognised as a reaction to to salicylates in foods because most people don't know about salicylates in foods. Most salicylate reactions do not occur so quickly unless a big load of salicylates has already been consumed and the food last eaten is lilterally the last straw. 

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