I am a first time mother to a little girl who has just turned one. She was a contented baby who always slept well until 6 months (when I started her on solids). Night time wakings usually consist of severe tummy pain, wind, reflux and very irritable. After that, things got progressively worse. Once we thought it was teething and she was given nurofen (high in salicylate compounds) over a few nights. After having a UTI infection recently things went downhill and she had a major reaction to an antibiotic called Bactrim (syrup contains two benzoate preservatives). Since this episode our daughter has suffered SEVERE reflux and improved after Gaviscon. I found it hard for doctors to believe initially that it was reflux, but found a specialist (paediatric doctor) who examined my daughter and was witness to her wet burping. My specialist has prescribed Nexium and Gaviscon for 6 weeks.

Having looked for answers as to what my child might have, and no help from any GPs I decided to write a diary of food and when these behaviours started.   I have tried my daughter on gluten, dairy and wheat free diets with no success.

I truly believe my daughter has a salicylate intolerance. I only came across this after reading a book about baby sleeping habits which mentioned that is a big factor in some children's night waking. Since coming across this, I noticed straight away that foods high in Salicylate saw us having horrendous nights in pain eg. Avocado, watermelon, processed ham and turkey (nitrate preservatives), etc. I was also unsuccessful breast feeding and looking back I had an extremely high intake of tea and other high salicylate foods.  My husband and I are both Italian Mediterranean descent. I did have some intolerance when I was a child to strawberries and tomatoes and would have itchiness in the corners of my mouth and fingers and toes and was also quite an anxious child.

UPDATE:  My daughter was basically eating all of the fruits and vegetables listed in the very high category of salicylate foods. Since taking away salicylate foods I am seeing a an increase in sleep and a much more settled baby. I look forward to contacting one of the recommended dietitians for more assistance. - Danielle, Qld