This week marks the last week of prep for my daughter.  She has done well and is  reading level 9, which is expected. She is well behaved most of the time and a joy to be around  they say.

This is a far cry from the first term at school, where I was called every second day, where I had to take her home some days, and she was suspended one day.  I was sent to management of young children programs, they had a buddy mentor for her, we went to the pediatrician who suggested ODD and ADHD and there was a big management strategy implemented for her.  They were discussing half days for her. I was quite upset understandably and so I took action.  We broke for the school holidays and she came back a different child after we started the diet.

She got student of the week that first week and she sat so quietly and respectfully at the ANZAC days parades.  In that first term she had 12 incidents recorded against her name at One School.  In the second term only 2 (corresponded with challenging milk and then salicylates) and as far as I know no incident the last 2 terms. So it works for us - Roxanne by email