Here is selected edited feedback from the petition for Unilever Australia to remove the natural colour Annatto 160b from Streets food products, with 5,511 supporters to date.

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Following some reports from health professionals, the feedback is organised by symptom:

Allergy type reactions
Violence, anger and self-harm
IBS Irritable Bowel Symptoms
Hives, eczema and skin conditions
Depression and anxiety
Insomnia and night terrors
Migraines and headaches
Head banging

Clearly this additive has not been adequately assessed by those entrusted by the government to protect us and our children.

Feedback from professionals:

As a dietitian with decades of experience in helping clients with food chemical sensitivity, I have certainly come across numerous people who react to annatto during food chemical challenges. These people are then advised to avoid any products containing annatto. IT would be great to see more companies remove this troublesome additive - Melanie (dietitian)

So many of my clients test up with a reaction to annatto 160b and once eliminated from diet their lives change for the better - Trish (dietitian)

I have a child affected by Annatto 160b and as a dietitian I see many other people affected by this food colour - Jodie (dietitian)

I am a neuropsychologist who is determined that science should be used to inform – Clare

   Allergy type reactions:

I am one of many adults adversely affected by 160b. In fact, I have come close to dying on three occasions due to 160b – Marian

160b effects children's behaviour and not for the better. How do I know this? Because I have witnessed and a number of occasions now my well behaved daughter turn into a hyper active, defiant and aggressive child within 2 minutes of consuming products within 160b in it - Patricia

I've spent many nights in the hospital emergency with my daughter suffering severe breathing difficulty after consuming 160b. I have repeatedly asked to have some sort of medical certificate stating that she has an allergy to the additive 160b only to be told that the tree growing the nut that the colour is derived from does not grow in Australia so they were unable to provide it. I have been met with "crazy lady" looks at every which turn. My son also exhibits behavioural problems after consumption. What are we really exposing our children to in unnatural proportions? All for unnatural aesthetics – Sandra

1 Daughter anaphylactic 2 all artificial colours including 160b & other daughter gets asthma & it's in a lot of ice creams & I'd like the girls to b able 2 have more choice & not miss out – Katrina

My child is allergic to 160b and this means we have ONE choice of which product we can buy – Cara

We have allergies to annatto - Brooke

   Violence, anger and self-harm:

160b affects my son. He says it is like a switch flicks in his head and he can't stop – Julie

I have 2 daughters that become violent and angry after consuming 160b – Rebecca

I have a daughter who reacts badly to annatto 160b. Anger, sleeplessness, slapping her own head repeatedly when angry and not coping: all due to this additive, which is in so, so many food products. Please listen companies, and use alternatives!  - Mel

Eating foods coloured with annatto 160(b) causes irrational anger and increased impatience in my 35-year-old self, so I'm not surprised that it causes such self-harming behaviour in children. I would love to have a greater variety of dessert products available to myself and my family – Keira

My child reacts with aggression every time he consumes annatto – Susie

I’m signing this petition as my 3 children react aggressively when they ingest Annatto (160b) - Alison

I see my children turn into monsters when they eat 160b – Kristina

My children react to 160b, it makes them angry. We don’t buy *any* products which contain it – Daryl

My kids go crazy for up to five days after eating things containing 160b. We've avoided it for years now as the consequences were just awful and profoundly affected – Elizabeth

Discovering the cause of our daughter’s opposition and aggression when she was around four was life changing for us. Who would think that a a "natural" ingredient could cause so much angst. To this day I can guarantee if she has 160b I will get a call from her teachers the next day. Please remove it - we only buy peters icecream without 160b. Would love to be able to buy your products but not worth the reaction.  – Maryjo

My son acts so insane when he accidentally gets annatto that I have to keep him home and send everyone else out of the house for three hours. He races around like a maniac, climbs people, laughs hysterically, talks rapidly, is completely defiant. I read labels very carefully. My daughter and I have both put products back on the store shelf as if it might bite us if we see annatto in the ingredient list and I was considering buying it.

That's because it might just cause her brother to bite her. He's broken her skin open after ingesting annatto, once in vanilla ice cream, and once in white cheddar crackers.

Our daughter is like Jekyll and Hyde after eating anything with Annatto in it! She crawls on the ground instead of walking, babbles incessantly, has epic meltdowns (kicking and screaming). – Michelle

My son Riley's ODD completely disappeared over a 2 week period after removing this chemical from his diet. – Robin

My son too reacts to Annatto 160b. Within 5 minutes of eating food with this additive, he becomes hyperactive, aggressive & violent. Please remove this additive from your ice cream! – Nicki

   IBS Irritable Bowel Symptoms:

I am in my 40's and it took a long time to discover that Annatto 160b is one of the triggers of ibs, sinus and arthritis. It is unnecessary and should be banned – Hilary

A family member is intolerant to 160b. Diagnosed with IBS, Gastro-oesophageal reflux, oesophageal ulceration with associated anaemia from bleeding at 5 yrs and recommended steroids for life. All fixed by removing 160b. This family hasn't had a Streets ice cream in over a decade and a half – Eve

160b is one of the main causes of my colitis, clinically proven at RPA hospital! It is terrible stuff – Kate

My son gets terrible stomach aches from 160b - Sarah

   Hives, eczema and skin conditions:

I am in my sixties and I react to Annato160b with dreadful hives. Please remove this colouring and therefore increase the range of foods I can eat – Ann

Both my daughters have severe reactions to 160b. Both behaviorally and with nasty eczema-like rashes. I want them to be able to eat ice cream without pain! – Zoe

Through the elimination diet we discovered that two of my daughter’s severe eczema was caused by 160B. I've decided, after seeing what it does to those two children, that no one in the family should consume it - Stephanie

My son reacts badly to annatto. Raised white spots all over his ears patches over his face. Gets extremely confused can’t concentrate on anything and feels very ill – Danielle

   Depression and anxiety:

My emotions go 'all over the ship' when I eat anything with 160b in it. I avoid it like the plague – Julie

This food colouring always sends my daughter into depression - Nicole J

My children react to 160b with aggressive behaviour, sleeplessness and depression - Jennifer

   Insomnia and night terrors:

160b has a terrible effect on me causing insomnia and migraines. I can't buy products with this chemical in it. Please take it out for my sake (and the kids affected too) – Peter

We have been avoiding annatto for years as it keeps my husband and 3 children awake and feeling wired for hours if they have it at dinner time – Jessica

Annatto causes my son to head bang and have night terrors. We do not by streets products currently due to the fact that this colour is used. Please think our your consumers, many whom are children – Lauren

My kid eats food with annatto and has insomnia, restlessness, anxiety and extreme behaviour. It's not needed. It's a colour. The food tastes the same – Marney

This interrupts my 6 year old daughters sleep for several nights in a row. We will not buy streets ice-cream because of this – Amanda

I want to be able to feed my 4 children and myself icecream which isn't going to keep us awake all night – Madeline

160B causes me to have post nasal drip as well as insomnia – Carol

My son reacts badly to 106b we had sleeping issues, anxiousness and hurting himself, tantrums since removing it he is a lot calmer I don’t buy anything with this additive in it. It is sad that every ice cream has it in it and also yoghurt particularly children’s yoghurt. Food companies need to start doing something about it. – Colleen

160b kept my daughter from sleeping well until she was almost 5. With it not in her diet she now sleeps well. – Joanna

   Migraines and headaches:

I am signing because 160b gives me migraine. Please remove it from all products – Judith

I have adult children that have reacted to 160b all of their life, nasty additive that adds nothing to the icecream except a headache, bad behaviour and rashes! We have only ever purchased icecream without this additive – Janelye

160b is an unnecessary food additive. Natural does not always mean good, as in this case with massive headache and irritation a common effect – Kathleen

An ice-cream headache I can deal with. Annatto gives me chronic pounding migraines... – John

My 10 year old son gets pounding headaches from this additive: it now seems to be in nearly every 'natural no artificial colours or ingredients' food. There are better alternatives (beta carotene, turmeric) – Iris

This additive is harmful to adults as well as children, if I accidentally eat a single serve of food (ice-cream, yoghurt, pastry) which contains it I get a violent migraine which lasts for several hours. I would urge you to cease using it in all of your product lines – Ben

   Head banging:

My son was also negatively affected by 160b. He had a permanent bruise on his forehead and sleep issues until it was completely removed from his diet - Lisa

My son reacts to this additive with headbanging – Heather

This turns my 3 year old into a head banging crazy mess! Horrible stuff :(  - Annette

My 2 daughter had a permanent bruise on her forehead for about 6 months when she started solids from banging her head on walls, her cot, the porcelain tiles, on the floor and head butting me. I was so worried she was doing permanent damage and I asked about it on a mothers’ forum. Someone suggested 160b was the cause and it was in the cheese singles that she ate everyday. I stopped the 160b and it turned off like a tap. The headbanging only began again when she ate something containing 160b. It is banned in my house now! – Anita

My son reacts to 160b. As a small child he would bang his head on the doormat or concrete floor to get rid of the headache. When we stopped the yoghurt with 160b, the behaviour stopped - Claire

Thank God we connected annatto 160b with our (then) 4yr olds head bashing and aggression, shudder to think where we'd be if we hadn't removed this entirely from his diet – Carmel

My son banged his head against the bed for over a year and a half before I eliminated it from his diet, once eliminated he stopped within 2 days. BAN ANNATTO! – Katie

Other comments:

I'm signing because my daughters deserve to eat safe food. 160b causes seizures in my otherwise healthy 11 yr old. Listen to the families who live it, its not safe! – Lisa

Your company is just NOT LISTENING to the many, many people who have TOLD you they react to the "natural" colour 160b

My three grandsons have proved to me time and time again that this one additive causes major behavioural problems in them. They also know this and even the 6 year old will ask if a product has 160b in it now, because they do not like how they feel when they have consumed it. Small amount or not ... it IS a major problem!! Please acknowledge that. – Jenny

I always check labels before I buy, and if a product has annatto it's disappointing, because it goes straight back on the shelf – Caroline

I don't buy anything with annatto in it. Even a teensy tiny bit! – Ingrid

This feedback includes material from [1352] 160b annatto: feedback from petition 1 (September 2015)

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