My 8 year old son, who was very close to baseline on the diet, came home one evening stuttering so badly my husband took him to the ER, fearing maybe he'd gotten a bump on his head at tae kwon do, although he denied this (we had to have him write his answers because he couldn't get two words out in more than 3 minutes.) He'd never stuttered before.

I called the headmaster and the school, and two panels in his classroom had been painted the same day. The kid came home after 10 hours in hospital, all tests normal. Since then he's been stuttering on and off (I believe the Israeli craziness for repainting walls, "nice smelling" floor cleaners, laundry powders and fabric softeners plays a role here)... I've learnt the hard way to keep the kids at home when repainting is going on at school. - Emma from Israel