I don't think you will ever fully understand the impact your many years of hard work have had on thousands of lives. There are so many people who are thriving because you two helped them to discover the things that were causing so much suffering. No doubt you've had your fair share of scepticism & criticism over the years, but when you see the results of eating non-FS food it's impossible to deny that this is all very real! Thank you so much - Lauren

I started on the failsafe diet over 10 years ago and it made a huge impact. Without Sue's book and TV appearances, I would have never known what was wrong with me. Thank you to the both of you - Nat

I've just come out of the 5 week strict elimination with my 5-year-old, and I just wanted to encourage you as it's been a real change for us: bed-wetting and accidents have stopped, tantrums have been eliminated, etc. I'd encourage you to just keep it really simple for awhile. The kids won't mind about having the same things over and over again - Megan

I have let my daughter experience non-failsafe foods on holiday. Just quietly it is worth the effort to keep on FS all the time. She is going from meltdown to meltdown which doesn't make for a relaxing holiday! On FS she is calm, caring and clear headed. My daughter did have withdrawals, which initially looked worse than the original behaviour. But it was worth it in the second week when I had a child who I could really get to know - Bronwyn