Feeling hopeful. Only day 4 for my 2 girls on their strict elim and we are noticing a difference already! They are still arguing like sisters do but the emotional meltdowns have pretty much stopped, they were taking 2-3 hours to fall asleep and tonight and last night were asleep in 15 mins and my youngest daughters number 2's aren't burning her bottom anymore - Debbie

When I was diagnosed with IBS I saw a naturopath and the diet they put me on and supplements they gave me made my symptoms worse and they did not know why. I also tried acupuncture which temporarily helped but was not permanent and did allergy blood tests (since I'm anaphylactic) which were all negative. Don't know why I didn't start with a dietitian. Since they helped me find out I'm intolerant to salicylates my symptoms are gone completely - Therese

My 8 year old is also an incredibly fussy eater. Last year we were at our wits end with his behaviour and after reading Fedup, we decided to go along a similar path as others - eliminated colours, flavours and preservatives. We have noticed a huge difference in him. It's a pain to start with, but once you establish a list of foods they can have, we just buy those brands. Good luck! - Belinda

I have been very enlightened by the information in your books, especially re the fruit. Like many people, I have had the view, 'don't worry if they're eating lots of fruit - it's good for them'. And yes, I shovelled it into my own children -  a grandmother

Just a quick word of encouragement to anyone who's finding it tough to change your diet, and often your lifestyle in order to be well. It can be so overwhelming to make big changes, but once you work out what foods you CAN tolerate, it gets WAY easier to manage - because you're not suffering the reactions/symptoms all the time. In other words, once you feel WELL, it's so much easier to manage it all. Good luck all - Rachel