Although I wholeheartedly agree with this picture, I'm sure you can understand that with a son sensitive to salicylates most of the things in that basket on the left scare the heck out of me. How my thinking has changed.....Shannon


It's pretty sad when you get caught out without food, and the "healthy" choice is to eat Macdonalds chips, not Subway! - Ruth

I totally agree! My school is having a tuck shop overhaul and all I could think was 'please god no more fruit!' - Lauren

I was so smug when I went to RPAH dietician and reported my "healthy diet" of fresh fruit and veggies only to be told how many natural chemicals I was eating. I dream about eating a grape  - Kath

I know! My masters is in childhood overweight and obesity, I never thought I'd be the mum in the supermarket saying 'no you can't have a banana, you had one this week already, you can have a milky bar' hahaha - Emma

My daughter can't safely eat most of the stuff in either basket! Her only safe items pictured are a little bit of garlic and maybe some parsnip! - Karmyn

I always used to get dirty looks when my ASD and sal sensitive son asked for an apple at the supermarket but I said no, have a packet of chips instead. The reactions from our extremely sal sensitive kid weren't worth it. I used to boast about how much fruit he used to eat BEFORE I knew what was really going on and connected the dots - Lucinda