Before Failsafe I followed GAPS and Paleo for two years. Failsafe was the diet that changed my life for the better in the most dramatic way.

Now that I'm in a good space physically and mentally I've begun to research supplements and subtle FS dietary changes. Daily magnesium, B's, C, selenium and a healthy, joyful mindset has been tremendous in my recovery. I have become acutely aware of how amines affect my digestion and with full avoidance (no red meat for me) I've started to notice my sals sensitivity reduce. As soon as I introduce an amine (even just a small amount of avo) I react. I don't think I react more or less than before...I think I just feel better more of the time and reactions feel more obvious.

There is not a large amount of variety in the FS diet, but there is plenty of nutrition if you balance your meals well and with loving all diets really! I'm trying to stop using the word 'diet' and taking a leaf from my son's explanation of how I eat...a 'strain of food options'. 'Diet' feels like a restriction...which is completely contradictory to what this way of eating has brought to my life! I may eat in a narrow 'food strain' but my energy, vivacity and joy for life makes up for all that.

Thank you all for your research, courage and tenacity...particularly when the current health trend is so intensely prevalent and sanctimonious! Would someone please tell the health industry mob to take an organic, coconut-infused, goji berry flavoured, stevia sweetened chill pill and eat a marshmallow! White of course - Nadia