I am a 65 year old lady who has had two ablations after five years of atrial fibrillation.  My condition was distressing and the arrhythmia with the fibrillation was always intense and frightening.  For nearly 12 months I have been free of episodes until recently after eating cashews treated with sulphites and last night after eating icecream with 160b.  Last night I had an episode of intense arrhythmia and checked all the foods I had consumed…nothing was different except that I had eaten Icecream and after checking the ingredients I found it contained 160b.  When I had my worst years of fibrillation I checked foods all the time for their allergies and 160b came up in an article when I was researching sulphites because the article said 160b could give the same allergic reaction as sulphites.  I do believe that many many illness are caused by additives in food…I cannot drink wine either and have trouble locating organic without sulphites…Thank you for your article which has assisted me in confirming my own assessment of last night’s episode.  This type of information needs to be widely spread - Fleur