I saw one of your excellent dietitians for myself, then realised her office was placed with providers for children with ASD. I didn’t choose her because of my / my child’s ASD, but because of my being ill for many years. The dietitian proved very calm, had a good understanding of ASD, was easygoing as well as knowledgeable and assertive.

With regards to the diet, I can’t commend everyone highly enough for all their work. From the information provided on the Fedup website to the Facebook Failsafe group – everyone is helping out to improve knowledge in this area.

Through this diet, my ASD child, appears more and more balanced. Our highly qualified psychologist took one look at my child in the waiting room at her last appointment (a month into the diet) and said “This is a completely different child. What on earth have you been doing to achieve this?” (The achievement being a calm, responsive and fearless child.)

I “failed” (made a mistake) with the diet whilst travelling and gave my child McDonald fries and it hurt me to see her in such emotional turmoil as a result of the food. Within half an hour of the fries, my child completely reverted to her old OCD mannerisms and state of confusion. She forced me to line up behind her at a flight of stairs, and demanded I march up and down them, following her commands. She screamed at me when I wouldn’t conform or march correctly. She even screamed at my brother for “smiling at her”. Through Failsafe, I can control her behaviour and emotions (and mine) and seeing her happier, more balanced and less frustrated is nothing short of a miracle.

Also, her night terrors, which used to be horrific and last over 30 minutes of her guttural screaming and trying to hurt me and ending in vomiting all over me, haven’t happened since the diet was started. She still has little nightmares and tosses and turns a bit but that’s not the same as safely putting her on the floor and crying seeing her so distressed and unable to be comforted.

My ASD child will never be “neurotypical” and I shouldn’t try to make her “like others” who don’t have autism. In fact, now the OCD, ODD and anger has lessened with the diet, I’m actually proud she’s autistic as she’s super funny, quirky and clever – never a dull moment. What I was trying to say was she doesn’t stand out as ASD as there are less full blown meltdowns that make us the centre of attention in public spaces. She’s gone over a month without scratching me intentionally in the face, whereas it used to occur every second day. If it does occur, it’s when she’s had one of the nasty numbers or amines.

For me, I have spent 10 plus years in and out of doctors, holistic practitioners, and have undergone over a thousand dollars’ worth of testing and examinations. Until Failsafe, I have had a permanent headache, brain fog, sinus problems, dizziness and angry outbursts (from amines). Through Failsafe, my headache / food hangover that took place EVERY DAY…all gone within a month. Truly life changing. I can now run again (my passion) and do yoga without procrastinating for fear of my bones aching, making it impossible to remain still and be present. I have lost 7 kgs and am the lightest I have been since I was in my 20s, BUT I am eating well and healthily. Being able to exercise, and not feel so sick has meant my depression is not as severe and I am able to focus on what’s going on around me rather than sit in my own food induced pain and anger. I am also diagnosed autistic and the wrong foods cause my shutdowns and meltdowns to worsen, so it’s not always a social emotional reaction, but a reaction to food that has me feeling so unwell and foggy that I have to shut the door to the outside world. Instead, thanks to Failsafe, it is really nice to feel more connected through all my senses. Lights aren’t so bright, sound is not so loud, and my partner can touch me on the arm more without me jumping a mile.

With salicylate reduction – I can empty my bladder!!! I used to get up at least six times a night (and that’s not counting the six times I would go before falling sleep). I woke two hourly because of the nerve ending feeling of not being able to empty completely. When I went low sals, I woke once a night. And my restless legs (which I didn’t realise I had…until this diet) reduced dramatically. Sleeping is SO MUCH BETTER. I actually didn’t realise it could be normal to sleep five hours’ straight. For most of my life I’ve woken two hourly and it has been completely broken. Same goes for my ASD child. Now we wake once a night.

Failsafe saved my life – Anonymous, Qld.