I just wondered if you had heard the news about Strattera, a medication prescribed for ADHD that has only been used here in Australia on about 2000 patients, 1400 of them children.  It turns out that the medication causes extreme mood swings and self-harming behaviours.
My son took it for six months and that's exactly what we saw in him.  He got so bad he said he wanted to kill himself and he was only 10 at that time!  His mood swings were so extreme I asked his psychiatrist about bipolar disorder!!!  We stopped the medication cold turkey without the support of his doctor and that's when desperation led us to the failsafe diet, purely by accident as I stumbled upon your website while searching for something, anything to help my son.
Fast forward a year and I'm sure I've emailed you before about the happy, well adjusted, stable, "normal" child he is now, moving on to high school next year which we never thought was possible and only last month receiving his black belt in karate.
Your diet literally saved his life and every day I say a quick prayer of thanks that we have found the failsafe way and completely changed the course of his life. He was on the verge of being sent to either a special school or a psychiatric ward and now, while he still has some slight autistic tendencies that we are teaching him to manage, he is going to lead a normal life and hopefully he will be able to do whatever he wants to do with his future.
Thanks again for all you do – Lu