For me personally, this diet has literally saved my life. Last year I was very sick with constant diarrhea for months on end, I lost 20 kg in weight & was so weak I could barely get out of bed to use the ensuite. My husband took me from doctor to doctor, naturopath to naturopath & no one had any answers. The more things I took to 'heal' me, the worse I got. We had resigned ourselves to the fact that I would die. I rewrote my will & wrote farewell letters to my boys. It wasn't until I developed hives, that I thought this might be food related. I scoured the internet & found this site. After reading about this diet everything made sense to me. And I haven't looked back since starting it.

I don't see this diet as dangerously restrictive but rather a traditional diet. My grandmother died last year at the ripe old age of 100 & never had any health issues. Some of that is genetic but I now believe it was also the traditional diet she ate. My parents are both in their 80's & they eat the same diet & are very healthy. Most of what they eat is on the low level - porridge, fresh meat, green beans, choko, eggs, brushed potato, with a few mods as well, carrots, pumpkin etc. They don't eat much fruit & when they do its usually apples & bananas - Sharyn