This is my 9 year old. He survived meningitis twice as a baby and was constantly unwell. Dr's thought he had IgA Deficiency but by around 2 he seemed to become much healthier. But then he was allergic to everything and his eyes would swell and itch and run. "Just allergies" they'd say. His behaviour was getting out of control too. One minute I'd see the most loving caring child, next minute... devil child from hell!! As a kindy teacher and childcare director for 19 years I tried everything! He had become... THAT kid!! Angry, impulsive, unable to control his emotions or his temper. I was having flashes of his future being a jail cell!! Then I noticed yellow and orange set him off the most and so the painful, looooooong, mistake-ridden, blind trial began! At first it was tomato sauce, pumpkin, yellow or orange lollies etc. but then he would react with something completely different and once again I would just go back to... he's not food sensitive... it's just poor parenting!!!

For years we did this until one lady said... "He's not allergic to Salicylates is he???? Omg.... after a 'what the' face... I investigated!! We are 3 weeks in to the failsafe diet and OMG!!!!! I have my patient, beautiful, well mannered, no trucker talk, caring son back!!! The school has even taken my number off speed dial!!! This is a long story I know... but I just want to say thank you to each of you people on this page! Your stories, your pictures, your advice have helped our family so much! The allergies have almost disappeared and now we are able to recognise triggers!! And to all those new mums starting off... there is hope at the end of this long road. Xo – Madonna