Hi, all! I just discovered the Failsafe elimination diet after talking with my yoga instructor, who found it helped determine what foods caused her AI disease to flare. After reading up on it, though, it seems to be geared more towards children with behavioural disorders. Are there any adults that have found success for other conditions with Failsafe eating? Specifically, my problems are gastrointestinal due to IBS and SIBO as well as frequent headaches, fatigue, and joint pain. I have been following low FODMAP for quite some time now and it has only made things worse. – Jessica

Failsafers respond:

Haven’t been in hospital with anaphylaxis since I began diet. Was going every 2 weeks, covered in hives swollen like a balloon constantly, on daily nebulisers and worsening asthma. I am only 36. Now no migraines, arthritis died down, no pms, cholesterol now normal, blood sugar normal, hives anaphylaxis gone, asthma improved and in combo with Fodmaps goodbye IBS. Immunologist who put me on diet has literally saved my life – Josephine

It has definitely helped me with migraine headaches! They haven't gone away, but they are not quite as severe when I consume only low sals – Cindy

It has helped me with the gastrointestinal symptoms as well as mouth ulcers, irregular/heavy/painful periods (If I completely break the diet for a week I will miss my period that month), sleep issues including nightmares/insomnia/sleep walking, headaches, bladder weakness and mood – Ruth

Yes to IBS (had to give up wheat for that as well though), headaches, fatigue and joint pain (which came as a surprise to me on day 5 of elimination) – Lareina

Yup. I had chronic hives, but have also found joint pain is much less, fatigue is generally better and gut health seems to be much better – Emma

Failsafe has helped me with stomach issues and headaches. There is very little overlap between Fodmaps and failsafe vegetables, so quite likely that if Fodmaps made things worse, failsafe could be very helpful! – Ruth

I found it was helpful for my whole family. Turned out we are all sensitive to Sals and I found that my asthma was actually a allergy to sulphur. It also helped with headaches and my husband’s heart palpitations stopped and we all sleep so much better now. Definitely worth doing! – Lisa

I have had all the symptoms you mentioned, throughout my adult life. Only just discovered the causes by trying failsafe – Bron

I have IBS related symptoms and have found relief – Courtney

Me. Hives, gastro and mood issues all helped! Even some I didn't realise were symptoms like frequent urination – Fiona

I discovered the Failsafe diet 15 years ago when I was 30 and have never looked back. Healthier, happier and sleep better - Nat