Try going cold turkey, you may be surprised by the benefits. I went hardcore as soon as I'd digested all the info and my entire life started turning around for the better within three days. I was gobsmacked by how fast Failsafe worked for me - Pam

Sue changed our lives, our eldest daughter was intolerant to salicylates and amines. And we then learnt how important it is to avoid additives and preservatives in foods - Stephanie

I was first exposed to your work 7 years ago when our daughter was 3. Her behaviour went off the wall all of a sudden and we had no idea why. My mother-in law asked if I had changed the bread we were eating. Which we had. We had gone from buying Brumby's to Aldi for budget reasons. She told me to check if it had 282 in it & sure enough it did. We changed back and the behaviours dissipated. Of course I started checking everything for 282 then. She also gave me her copy of Fedup she used for her youngest son. What an eye opener! – Belinda Smith, The Root Cause  

160b, annatto: Twice I had severe heart irregular beat and ended up in hospital. Felt like dying. It happened to me one hour after eating red leicester cheese – from UK