Do any CFS sufferers experience withdrawal symptoms while doing the strict elimination diet? My partner is a week into the strict elimination diet and his CFS is getting much worse and he is experiencing new symptom (emotionally he feels like his whole body is crying). How can you distinguish between CFS symptoms and strict elimination diet symptoms? What does baseline mean in the elimination diet? Thank you - Max

The RPAH book and my allergist tells you to expect withdrawal. I was so ill and so medicated and all over the place I have no idea if I did. I have now recovered. You need to continue until you can tell there is enough of a difference that you will be able to tell if the symptoms start again when you test the foods. Max 8 weeks. Stick with it! - Jennifer

I had unbelievable amounts of pain during my withdrawal phase. I am failsafe for CFS and whilst it hasn't been the whole answer for me, I have made measurable improvements on this diet. Keep pushing through this phase. If he feels much worse it's generally a sign that there probably are food intolerances involved - Sally

With CFS the stress on the body can seriously aggravate your ME/CFS symptoms and cause relapse that can last a long time. From personal experience and a lot of reading, I suggest taking the diet slower than most people have to and make smaller changes to start with – Shannon

I've had EBV, CMV, CFS, SLE, pernicious anemia, multiple allergies, amines sensitivity, endometrosis and fertility issues. I was on endone and endep daily. I started the elimination diet as part of treatment for my breast fed baby with significant allergies. Initially we both crashed terribly, it took over a month to plateau then start to rebuild. We currently have just over 10 safe foods. We have been on low - mod diet for over 3 months and I have been medication free for 6 weeks and have the least pain I can ever remember. I do take probiotic Osteo D Vit c zinc and magnesium supplements plus Vit b injections. I'm still tired but have been able to go back to working 4 days a week. It's the best thing I've ever done but was absolutely terrible for the first 4-6 weeks. Hope that helps – Rel

Amines seem so far to be one of my biggest problems. Once they start to build in my system they cause great problems to my muscles, which cease to function properly; they don't turn on properly, which leads to pain from postural issues; I get restless and jittery; and everything starts to get overwhelming, which makes me snappy, teary, and unable to deal with everyday stress – Sally again.

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