Just want to say so happy! At my DD prep info night her teacher said if they seem to be having behavior issues the school will work with the parents to look at factors like diet. .. and there is an amazing lady called Sue Dengate. He went on to add it is amazing the natural things kids react to and both of his kids did fail safe and know their triggers.

The teacher told me today to bring in some stuff that my kid is allowed when the others are having things she doesn't (one of the other mums was taking about bringing in iceblocks for her kids birthday) – Jennifer

We leave a treat bag of failsafe goodies with the teacher and re stock it each term. Also have a wonderful lady on the canteen who stores our magic cordial ice blocks and cupcakes for when classmates have birthdays – Nicole

Great news! Our small catholic primary is also failsafe friendly. Canteen has pear juice slushies, gf options and lots of food is made from scratch on site without additives. Happy to order in special foods for you or you can bring things from home for them to heat on canteen day. Also store treats for when birthdays are celebrated too. They also have strict rules about not sharing food. I find teachers are well versed in food intolerances and happy to support your plan.  ? – Liz