Often on this page people talk about their struggles and challenges. I thought I'd put up some (unexpected in some cases) positives from being on the diet noting that everyone experiences different changes. So here we go.....

Stronger hair and nails
Skin has cleared   
No flaky skin on arms and legs
No more itchy and scratchy
No more 'dandruff'
No more nosebleeds
Reduce period (duration and flow)
Gut pain gone
No urgency for the toilet
No more unexplained anaphylaxis
Overall inner feeling of being happier and healthier!

It has been a struggle and I miss many of the foods I liked to eat but the rewards and benefits far out way this. Good luck on your food journeys! - Wendy

Reduced anxiety (my symptom, in the spirit of this post) - Paula

No more migraine. (Amines and 160b) – Judy

+ msg, This one I can relate to soo much, plus less anger/light switch moods - Maureen

Did not know nosebleeds were associated with it but must say mine have decreased since taking out preservatives – Lyn (see http://www.fedup.com.au/factsheets/symptom-factsheets/nosebleed-nose-bleed-due-to-food)

I felt the same - I was well albeit very restricted but I didn't care...Teresa

I didn't make the link but yes you're right. My nails, skin and hair are much better and I haven't had a nosebleed for years. The best though is no PMS or cramps! – Jennifer

No more passing out. No more asthma. Less angry. Calmer and happier. No more Rosacea   ? – Diana

Hadn’t linked rosacea with it but mine has definitely improved – Lyn (see http://www.fedup.com.au/factsheets/symptom-factsheets/acne-and-rosacea)

I recall telling my dietician one day that I felt happy for no reason. It was so foreign to me! - Renae

When I first started failsafe elimination diet 18months ago my husband laughed saying "you are probably the only person who goes on an elimination diet and finds more food to eat". I was so reactive that I could barely eat and was underweight having lost 10+ kg – Elaine

No more brain fog, tinnitus or black bags under my eyes – Lynda

My tinnitus are still a problem, but the pin pricks all over my body are gone. Itching, and panic attacks are gone as well. I got lazy in December and now struggle to be good. Maybe that is the cause of tinnitus – Anne

So much more energy! Felt fantastic. Best I felt in years! Bouncy even ? – Liz