FAILSAFE eating has improved my son's attention and fidgeting heaps, he goes to bed easier and seems calmer and more focused.

We have not excluded dairy as we had no reason to believe this to be a cause of any of his behaviours but since starting FAILSAFE, I have noticed he has become more defiant (he has always been quite stubborn and headstrong, but I feel this has worsened).  We are not under a dietician at present, but are seriously considering this …

UPDATE (2 weeks later)

I just want to start by saying thanks! You guys (facebook page, website and emails) are just so supportive and I am so grateful for it.

Just a bit of feedback on the dietician: we took our 5 year old son to see one of your recommended dietitians. She uses the RPAH handbook as pretty much like a bible. She had it out and referred to it heaps. She's definitely someone to keep on the list of dieticians who support FAILSAFE and who encourage their patients in the same direction as what you do. She is very helpful, clear and understanding and I'm very glad we went to see her.

With her guidance, we have decided to start the challenges after being on the strict elimination diet for 3 weeks. She thinks we are ready. 

We have switched to A2 milk and there is definite improvement in the defiance mentioned in my previous email. So thanks for that.

I have your books Fed Up and the Failsafe Cookbook, read pretty much everything on your website and am on the facebook group. Thank you for all these resources, we couldn't do it without them! – Aldine