Does anyone else have a problem with gluten intolerance and mood? My step daughter is being a moody salty little thing, so nasty to everyone lately. The only thing we've changed is reintroduced gluten back into her diet. When we stopped gluten due to eczema before, her mood improved and we had a happier less cranky girl. Has anyone else experienced this or was it coincidental and I'm grasping at straws this time? – Carmen

Huge connection for my son – Amy

My son is ODD on gluten. He is FOUL!!! - Ann

Not coincidental at all. We had gluten last weekend and had 3 days of tantrums and meltdowns. My child normally never has a tantrum - Jessica

Yes! Me! I’m usually so easy going but when I have it have a short fuse and can’t help it. I know how I am acting at the time but it’s so hard to control. It’s really not worth it for me. I feel horrible afterwards - Fiona

Yes, for DS (darling son) and DH (darling husband). But it isn't gluten as such, it's wheat that is a problem. They are fine with spelt - Stephanie

It absolutely effects mood for me, my daughter and little son - Mandy

Gluten, and especially salicylates, will make me impatient and irritable. They also interfere with my sleep, so it may go back to that - Rachel

Look at propionic acid and propionates as another culprit, a bread preservative now hidden as ‘cultured dextrose’ etc in many industrialized and prepackaged gluten products - Nancy (see more at

Massive connection between gluten and mood here - Eve

It was probably a combination of the terrible sleep and the gluten but we challenged it with my 1yo on Sunday. He was incredibly hard work yesterday. He only had it via my breastmilk too - Diane

Gluten makes me feel really flat and angry - Heather

Gluten and Amines for my son! - Tania

My daughter has mood issues with gluten - Kiely

Yes both myself and my daughter many foods make her very emotional and cranky - Renee

Reading these comments I just had an aha moment thanks guys. Recently tried reintroducing gluten, my DS was very moody for a few weeks....will challenge wheat only next I think ! Moodiness wasn’t on my radar as a food reaction for us as we hadn’t encountered it in the past - Rebecca

I've always had a problem with gluten. I was diagnosed as Coeliac in March last year. 15 kilos and no gallbladder later, plus gluten-free diet, and I'm finally feeling a bit more human -  Susan

Don’t forget that wholegrains can cause reactions for some people that can tolerate gluten – Teresa (see more

Gluten makes us very cranky and moody - Emma

Same here. I'm a horrible person with wheat. The mood swings are epic. When your daughter cut gluten out did she have major withdrawals? - Skye

I can vouch for food & mood being connected with both gluten & dairy, or more specifically lactose. Definitely not the same with each of my boys thoug. I firmly believe food intolerance can impact on behaviour - Nicky

I’m a moody cow when I eat wheat more than once every few weeks - Tessa

My DS gets moody and argumentative on gluten. As you can see by all the comments you are not grasping at straws. Well done for observing the changes and checking in with the group – Narelle

Gluten, (Sals, Amines, dairy) is a problem for us but small amounts is OK. My DD8 seems to tolerate much more things these days after two years on the diet – Pat

(Be aware that some of those reporting above may be reacting to the bread preservative calcium propionate 282, sometimes hidden as 'cultured dextrose' or 'cultured' anything – including ‘cultured wheat flour’ –saw that last week in Helga’s traditional wholemeal with ‘no artificial colours, flavours, preservatives’. See also factsheet Dairy, wheat and gluten – do I need to avoid?)