I last a couple of months before I start having asthma attacks. I have symptoms all the way through ie earaches and some sore throats and more wheezy - Ruth

I recently went off for about a month. The headaches and shortness of breath returned with a vengeance. Now I'm back to only moderate sals occasionally and feeling much better - Kim

I went off as I am not salicylate sensitive & just wasn’t thinking, was off for a few months, now I’m back on as I’m having severe reactions to amines - Kate

I cheated once and was affected immediately and for 3 months. Never again!!!! It all depends how sensitive you are – Jen

I went off it, had a couple reactions to things like ham over a few weeks and then was fine to eat everything. I was only on the diet for my babies - Nik

If I cheat I feel sick within an hour - Sally

As far as I am aware failsafe/elimination diet is a diagnostic tool it isn't something to live on forever, the slow reintroduction of things is tedious but important, perhaps also other things need to be looked at - Gemma

Once I knew our triggers, we introduced everything else and live happily enough with that.  If we went back to our previous 'normal' diet, we would see the effects within hours - Stephanie

We got REALLY sick of it by the time we finished our sals challenge and decided maybe dd wasn’t so bad after all so decided to give her a week or so off. I still remember her sitting on the tiles in front of the heater, 7 years old, rocking, unable to dress herself for school. My skeptic hubby went over to the kitchen and removed the chocolate muffin in her lunch and replaced it with a pear one, and I never had a problem with him agreeing to failsafe after that. Our 7yo looked like she was drugged. That reaction was after about 3 days and was a combination of reactions. But some of our reactions are within an hour (160b for example) - Rachel