Day 5 today and we’ve been super strict. We noticed a difference in my son by the afternoon of day 2, day 3 he was a different child and day 4 amazing, incredible, omg!! Today we had a really good day but I did notice he was more hyper than usual, his eczema has shown up and he did have a few old grumpy moments where I worried we were teetering on the edge..though he is recovering way better from his usual reactions. The frequency, and intensity is far better as is his ability to self regulate. He also expressed that he was ‘feeling a bit grumpy today’.

A few wins

1-    he tried Brussel sprouts/mayo and kidney bean dip and liked them all, in fact he’s told me all the food has been amazing and they’re the best dinners of his life (ordinarily he would not even try them)
2-    he dropped a LEGO structure he built and said “oh well, guess I have to make it again”. My requests have been met with “ok mum” (shocked)
3-    he was offered a lollipop at the hair dresser and he said no thanks I can’t have that.  ????
4-    he hasn’t had a wet nappy once when usually he still needed a pull up at night multiple times.
5-    absolutely no nasal congestion or hay fever symptoms.

So what I’m waiting for are the withdrawals that I’ve been hearing of. I’m super worried because it’s seriously been amazing having a sense of calm. Does everyone have them? Is it usual to be amazing then go in to a spiral? How bad should I be expecting and for how long? Is it usual that his eczema would flare up?

Pictures: the dinner he helped me make tonight. Every single step he had a part in. It used to be our thing, but for several months he hasn’t been interested in helping me at all. – Karla

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