How have I coped? I came on to this group every few months or so and threw a tantrum, got it out my system, got lots of cyber hugs from other mums who understood and then tucked myself in and soldiered on, determined to do my best.

It’s worth remembering - we do the best we can with the physical, emotional, financial and knowledge resources that we have at the time. I didn’t identify my daughter’s issues until she was 7! I’d had patient friends gently suggesting failsafe to me for at least 2 years.

The other thing to remember is that with anything like this you gain something and you lose something. You have to weigh up what you gain and what you lose. So, for my daughter who is now nearly 13, she just went on school camp and we did not restrict her diet at all. She ate what everyone else ate.

What we had to gain: social stuff - friendships, inclusiveness, being seen as somewhat normal (not the weird kid who can’t eat stuff).

What we had to lose... she’s been vague, off with the fairies, loud, hyperactive and annoying since she got back Wednesday. But she now has the weekend and she has 2 days off next tue/wed. She had nothing important coming up at school or anything like that.

What she gained outweighed what she lost in our opinion. But her reactions are mild enough that we have that option. I don’t know what your daughter’s reactions are or how severe. Reactions can be dose dependant too so we allow some sals and put up with some vagueness but we don’t go all out all the time. My youngest can’t have dairy and gluten and her reaction is diarrhoea. That one we are far more strict on because she actually suffers. – Rachael