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I just wanted to thank those who created this diet and have got it to the point where people in other countries can hear about it & implement and follow it. 1.5 years ago I started the elimination diet and the first few months were hellish withdrawing and finding out the other foods I was reacting to. I couldn't face challenges and was extremely sensitive. Now I'm finally at a point where I'm less reactive (still very reactive but I will be able to cope) I've tried a handful of items recently and have come up with a very strong conclusion, that it is because of amines that I struggled with my mental health and was suicidal for years. In the last month I have tried two amines that I haven't had in a long time, one a glass of wine and was depressed the next day for a few days and then last night I had maybe 50-100g of dark chocolate and woke up with a pounding headache, all my pressure points screaming, so much muscle pain and again suicidal thoughts. The amines are a very visible link which puts like a helmet over my head and makes me incredibly miserable -my head gets pressurised and depression sets in like it never left, but then I can ride the reaction out and get control over my thoughts once I take the amines away. It is truly amazing.

If anyone knows anyone struggling with their mental health I would recommend failsafe to them (as long as they are in a safe place to do so, because the withdrawals are rough) because I used to not want to live, and I had felt that way for over ten years but now I have so much to live for even when I have had a couple of amine hiccups.

Feel free to share on website. I've never been someone to hide away with talk about mental health cos there are so many people that struggle and are far too scared to talk that I just want them to know it's ok, they're ok and things can get better even if it means you have to spend over a year on the elimination stage of the diet – Lauren

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