We've been doing this diet for 3 months now and I'm amazed to see a massive improvement in both my sons' behaviours. My 4yr old was displaying ADHD and "gifted" bad behaviour at home and school, and has since been more cooperative, better listening and "toned" down a number of notches, he likes the food. My 2 yr old has finally slept for 8hrs straight at night, for a week in a row, he has never slept that long in his life! I suspect salicylates (I used to give them juice, tomatoes and dried fruit every day) and too many amines (lots of cheese). I'm not keen to do the challenges for salicylates, our life is so pleasant this way now :) It is hard to explain to people how this makes so big a difference, but it works for us! Thanks for your books and resources about this, I'm recommending it to my friends and sisters! – Rachel (from 2010)