I first brought Fed Up in 1999, it changed our lives! My first son was like a eczema-covered cyclone, he was looking like being medicated for adhd as a toddler. Within months of starting the elimination diet and realizing he was extremely reactive to food chemicals I had a different kid, one that could concentrate. Although we had lots of time in the principal’s office in his early primary years he excelled in school and went on to be student counsellor and was chosen for the MAPS course, his future is bright!

I am now a mother of a second child who is nearly 2 and we find ourselves in a similar situation but with sensory issues too. I have basically Dengated most kids that come into my house and avoid preservatives and additives like the plague, but am struggling with this lil guy as he has unknown allergies, breathing issues, food refusal/aversion, dysphagia, aspiration with solids and liquids and is suspected of OA/TOF (waiting assessment for bronchoscopy). He will only eat a few foods and is on only puree's for aspiration now. He has feeding clinic on Monday so I'm updating my knowledge of failsafe/dengate in the hope the dietician can be mindful that this worked for my sons extreme activity and hopefully can help my lil guy now. Just wanted to say a big THANK U to Sue for sharing her knowledge all these years and how she has changed so many families lives for the better, we are definitely one of them xxxx - Jo