Every time I catch up with my parents they go on about how much this diet is depressing them and they can't wait till it's all over. It's really wearing me down. I'm trying to pack meals when I go there as they watch the kids when I work once a week, but they keep getting stuck with snacks and kids saying they're hungry - any advice to get through this? – J

Give the GRANDPARENTS some appropriate treats - few packs of musk sticks, pear lollipops and marshmallows will give them something safe to 'sneak' to the kids, so they can maintain their special grandparently relationship without feeling tied down to the boring foods you provide for those days. Also, invite them to watch the DVD, perhaps, and explain that this is a testing process, not a diet for life. The stricter you can all be, the quicker you will get them through the process - Steph

Do what Steph said, then say to them, “I know it is, and I really appreciate your support. It means a lot” - Rachael

My mum was the same as it was in her nature to feed and spoil him and she was finding it hard. Now she has a stash of stuff in the cupboard like Aldi cream water biscuits, various failsafe Arnotts biscuits including shortbread cream, failsafe chips, Sakata rice crackers, Milkybar chocolate. When he goes there they bake cupcakes together and she lets him lick the bowl etc. I make a point of not letting him lick the bowl at home because he thinks it is funny and special to tell me Oma let him do it at her house. It sucked at first but now it is no big deal and they have their little things they do together - Fran

I'd say “know it's hard, I do it 7 days a week. So hopefully you can see how important it is to me!” - Kathy

After trying the nice approach and some family members completely disregarding my requests and disrespecting me as mum, I just blatantly said nope sorry you can't be alone with my kids. They were shocked and defensive and I said I can't trust you and I don't want people I can't trust to be in charge of my kids. They changed their tune pretty quickly and have never once had an issue since. It isn't my job to be delicate in fear of hurting people’s feelings, it's my job to do what's best for my kids and I take that pretty seriously. Many might disagree but this was pretty crucial for us - Ash

After challenges my mum had dd for the weekend once and gave her 160b... twice. I’ve honestly never had a problem with mum complying with any and all dietary requests since then - Rachael

Hubby thought I was ridiculous until he saw Jekyll and Hyde first hand ???? - Christina

Hubby has his own story. I’m not sure he really believed her “issues” were really worth dealing with. So much of her behaviour was written off by well-meaning family as “just being a kid” and me expecting too much. But it worried me that she couldn’t be still and couldn’t maintain eye contact. Hubby went along with my crazy requests and made it through elimination and sals challenge but his heart wasn’t in it so we had “a week off” after sals challenge. Nothing crazy - no additives or take away. Just good, “healthy” home cooked food. The final morning as dd was rocking in front of the fireplace unable to gather enough cognitive function to put her own socks on hubby walked over to the kitchen, removed the chocolate muffin from her lunchbox and replaced it with a pear muffin from the freezer. That’s when I knew he was really on board. Some people just have to see it for themselves - Rachael  again