Our family has used the Failsafe diet on and off for a about 12 years now. My son was persistently unwell when he was young (from about 18 months plus) and the Failsafe diet was the only thing that worked. You know how difficult it can be to manage this diet in the culture that we live in, but the turnaround in his health was amazing.  He went from being a kid covered in eczema, non-stop ear infections, terrible asthma and limited speech to a well and happy boy.

At the time I used to think "Where does this food sensitivity come from?". Now I know. It's me! For the last 18 months I have used the Failsafe diet to help me through menopause. My main symptoms have been anxiety (from salicylates) and migraine (from amines). The diet also seems to be assisting with my blood sugar regulation at the moment (I've had bouts of hypoglycemia). If I was not on this diet I would be on all kinds of medication and I would be continually distressed. As it is, I feel calm and well while riding through these changes.

Your persistent work in this area is to be highly commended. Our family's health and well-being are due to your efforts. I am deeply grateful to you - Melissa