What are your symptoms when you don't eat failsafe? For me I just feel more irritable and emotionally worse. I think I get itchy skin because of it and also I had restless legs syndrome (RLS) but more due to anxiety – Leo

Bloating, itchy skin, facial flushing, restless leg syndrome. The RLS is the most random symptom isn’t it lol. At first I thought my RLS was due to me coming off Zoloft but I’m back on them again and cut out salicylates and it’s completely gone away. I challenged salicylates and it came back later that night-super weird !! – Lydia

For me it's nausea, insomnia, extreme fatigue, headache with visual aura, bowel movement alterations, stomach cramps, restless legs, mood swings, rosacea, difficulty swallowing, brain fog, cough, and bloating. I think that's pretty much it (!). I may get several at the same time or just one, depending on the day. Some foods trigger some of the symptoms more than others - Terrie

Salicylates start off a sore throat earache and rhinitis and builds up to wheezing and breathless. If amines it’s over emotional cranky intolerant angry. It was so good to find out why I’ve been this way my whole life. I’m 62 now. I’m not just a cranky bitch after all - Renee

Oh gosh, our amines reactions are the same! Honestly don’t know how my husband can stand me – Anne

Bloating, gut cramps, itchy shins, itchy back, itchy ears, irritable – Leah