I fear my 3yo could be developing a stutter! Is this a symptom of eating something non failsafe? - Sam

For my daughter it’s glutamates and also a lack of zinc and B6 contributes for her. It’s amazing how quickly it cleared once I got those 3 things under control - Emily

I know I stutter worse if I’ve overdone salicylates or perfume exposures, so yes, it could be anything non-failsafe - Carmen

Some children also just go through a phase of this as they are learning to speak. Their brains are going quicker than their skills allow them. Both my girls went through this and neither of them have food intolerances. They just need patience - Maria

Mine too went from articulate toddler to clawing at her mouth to get her words out. Mine needed treatment which was successful although lengthy – Greg

My kids both stutter when amines are high. Speak beautifully if they are eating well - Ella

I find this so interesting! Some days I have real problems with speaking. My tongue gets all tangled up and it takes me 3 or 4 tries to get the correct word out. I feel like an idiot! I just put it down to old age and the brain not working properly. I also get some forms of migraine where I completely lose speech for about a half hour – Josie

See blog on Diet-induced stuttering with link to factsheet