I can't express how grateful I am to you for the information on fedup.com.au, I have suffered with several intolerances for about 15 years. I've had no luck or help from multiple GPs...

Gut issues are such a common problem now as is arthritis, and, as a sufferer of both, I greatly appreciate your dedication and commitment.

At 71, looking back, I can see that heredity can play a big part in gut issues.  My father had them, resulting in having a part of his bowel removed which then resulted in very painful adhesions. He was told by his doctor that he probably had cancer, which turned out to be incorrect!  My daughter also suffers from gut problems.

My son constantly wet the bed, soiled his pants and had serious behavioural issues with dramatic and stressful outcomes.  The soiling went on until he was well into his teens.  Unfortunately, at that time, there was no internet access, and no information or help available from any of the professionals we talked to.  We had no idea it could all be caused by the food he was eating. After years of being in and out of several rehab centres and courts, stints in jail and drug use, he died of a drug overdose at 26.  It breaks my heart.

A very heartfelt thankyou for everything you do - Lorna

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