Firstly I just wanted to say THANK YOU! The Fed up website has helped our 6, 4 and 2 year olds (more so the older two) so much. I was literally fed up, in tears and an absolute mess, we didn’t want to medicate our kids but didn’t know what else there was to do... so I typed into google 'fed up with hyperactivity' and there it was! We haven’t looked back since! – followup from Danielle’s COURAGE AWARD story [1607]

Thankfully the behavioural changes made all the effort worth it 🙌 - Chloe

I started on Fodmap and didn't help me at all. Then was given info about of Salicylate sensitivity. Tried it and after a few weeks noticed I was feeling better. I had over nine years of thick congestion all the time and IBS for 5 months. Took a year to get rid of the congestion and 5 months for IBS to be all gone. Keep list of eating and how you feel. So lucky to have this group and the information that I got that made my life so much better! - Kathie.

At 34, this is absolutely life changing. If you ever see this Sue, you have saved my life by getting the word out – Ali

DVDcover4   (The DVD is) a game changer. After watching the video, my husband is doing the diet with us!" - Joni

I remembered the roadshow I went to years ago and heard Sue speak - I remember seeing basically a movement of mums buying things without additives years ago around the same time as the roadshow and it created genuine change but things seem to be slipping back especially with covid/lockdowns etc – Deanna

I eat a ton of home made meals very basic meat and veg not a lot of processed foods anymore and find I'm less stressed healthier and less agitated and less anxious. I can focus better - Cassie.