I attended your talk in Canberra in June and was considerably impressed. I then purchased "FED UP" and am now proceeding to read through it … I have a 5 year old girl with numerous problems both behavioural and learning without, as yet, having been given a diagnosis by her paediatrician. However, my reading has defined ADHD with learning disabilities. Her paediatrician tends to agree, though is unwilling to diagnose at such a young age. Like you, I've pursued behaviour training, as well as speech therapy, occupational therapy, attended early intervention preschools, obtained 2nd opinions from paediatricians, had blood tests and seen a geneticist. All with little luck. Her extreme hyperactivity saw me retreat from almost all social activities as she was unwelcome and I was always on edge with her unpredictable and extreme behaviour. She is now in kindergarten in a special learning support unit. Her Ritalin medication is reasonably effective, but there are days when it doesn't work. I'd like to explore fully the effect of additives in food and as such, am now intensely interested in what you have to say both in your books and via the internet/email. When I have completed your book I will try the elimination diet. I thank you … you have given me a new area to explore.