"I haven't been game to write and tell all about how we are going in case it breaks the spell, but I have had my daughter on a FAILSAFE diet now for 6 weeks, and we have been on a high ever since. We never thought we would ever enjoy our family again, but here we are loving every day with her and everything she does. She has slept through since the 2nd week of the diet. She has gradually lost all signs of her rash, she is happy just pottering around without needing to be constantly nursed or consoled, and she is also beginning to 'trust' food again and eat what is offered to her.

I never thought that this diet would ever get easier, or that I would ever just be able to reach into the cupboard and pull out something to eat, but it is getting more and more second nature … I have not yet walked down the challenge road, I am a little scared to give up my darling baby who is for the first time in her life receiving the love and the now obviously more comfortable life she deserves. My family and friends have been extremely supportive, and help me watch her like a hawk at any family or social gathering where there is food present. She is also allergic to a few foods and so this is doubly important, especially for peanuts where she may need an adrenaline injection if she consumes anything with peanut in it, this could be as innocent as any chocolate bar or as obvious as a peanut paste sandwich." - discussion group,